Some options for your VoiceReel:Feel free to phone or email for other otpions.




This is an option for either a novice who's perhaps nervous and unsure they have what it takes yet, but doesn't want to pay out for a full Voice Reel yet, or someone who has a Voice Reel and needs only three hours to add or change some work

It won't show all your capabilities, strengths, accents etc, rather it can give a brief snippet of what your Voice is like.

If need be, you can start with this option, and move on to a full reel later. (the price of this taster session would ba taken off the cost of a full Voice Reel)

Intro Voice Reel


4 Hours

This option allows you to get a good Voice Reel done

It is suitable for a Voice Artist who is confident that they can work steadily and quite quickly in the four hour slot

It isn't ideal for a beginner or someone who will need time to find their feet.

Full day


8 Hours +

This is the All-Day Voice Reel session and is suitable for creating a new Voice Reel from scratch.

Eight hours plus (and Phil won't be watching the clock) can be used to get the perfect Voice Reel showing your full range of vocal deliveries, accents, styles and timbres.

This is the most commonly booked Voice Reel session as it doesn't put any pressure on you to work quickly in the studio.


Educational and fun course

2 1/2 Hours £55

A practical and fun, "hands-on" Course on Voice Work

More info if you close this and scroll down

By the hour


Per hour £60

This is for when you might only need an hour and for Voiceover, singing and/or music production


Your choice

per job £Call

If you have a song idea or just need a studio with an engineer, please do ring Cutglass and we can have a chat.