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About Cutglass & Phil Corran

Voicereel Design & Music Production

Cutglass Voices is a one-stop shop for all things Voiceover. A Voice Agency, a Voicereel Production Studio, and Voiceover recording studio, a podcast production studio and an audiobook narration environment. author05 author05 The Cutglass Studio is a powerful Pro Tools recording environment with a 48 channel mixing console, and an acoustically dryvocal booth Cutglass has built up a reputation for producing excellent and inventive Voice Reels and continues to do so from its base in Dorset.(This is a photo from the garden at Cutglass ). author05 It is also a Voice Agency representing a small but growing number of voice artists.

About Phil Corran

Phil grew up in Surrey but spent much of his adult life in London (Kilburn, Archway and Crouch End) only moving to Dorset in 2013. Back at school in Surrey, Phil played guitar in a band. As we played and gigged (occasionally), he became curious about what the band sounded like, and intrigued by how music was recorded in general. At the time he had a double cassette deck "boom box", as was quite common in those days.author05 "I worked out that when I plugged a guitar lead into the line input, having recorded a guitar track already, I could layer (dub) over the 1st guitar track and build up music tracks. However the more he "overdubbed", the more noise and hiss I produced until after only two or three takes it became unlistenable". He became curious about how it was done proffessionally in studios and, as a result of some research, he bought his first fout track cassette machine (around 1990), which used four of the left/right (stereo X 2) tracks of the cassette to record four tracks simultaniously.author05 While this was ok (The Beatles recorded "I wanna hold your hand" on only 4 tracks of tape), it was, for the early 90s, quite limited. Around this time the "rave" scene was in full swing and Phil was captivated by the music. This resulted in him buying a sequencer (an Atari ST computer with C-Lab Creator software, a MIDI Keyboard his first sampler.author05 author05Over the next few years Phil taught himself some rudimentary recording and production techniques and started aquiring more equipment, swapping his Akai s2000 (mono output)for an E-mu ESI 32 (stereo). author05Phil moved to London in 1996 and shortly found work at a clothing shop in in Covent Garden, all the time becoming more interested in music production and technology.So in 1998 he enrolled on a course in music Production and Technology at Media Production facilities in Brixton. At the heart of this studio was a Rupert Neve designed Amek Mozart analogue audio console with VCA automation. author05"That was a lovely sounding large format console and it was a pleasure to learn on it". Shortly after leaving College, with a loan, Phil bought his first professional Studio set up, based on Pro Tools and a Mackie console. From then Phil used his training from College and continued to teach himself to record and edit and mix.
"Around this time, my friend and singer in our band, Matt, who was an actor, asked me to record a load of comedy script for him".Phil didnt know it at the time, but this was to be the first go at voice Reel production.Soon after this point, he started Cutglass Voices.

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Address: The Tides, Britwell Drive, West Lulworth, Dorset, BH20 5RS

Phone: +1929 400 251